10 Signs You Have a Slow Metabolism

10 Signs You Have a Slow Metabolism

Have you been counting calories meticulously, hitting the gym, getting plenty of sleep, and still not seeing the scale budge? It may not be your fault; your inability to shed those stubborn pounds could be because of a sluggish metabolism.

Your metabolism is the process by which your body burns energy for basic bodily functions such as your heartbeat, brain function, and breathing. Since your metabolism burns food for fuel, those with a fast metabolism can seemingly eat whatever they want and not gain weight, while those with a slow metabolism have to work that much harder to lose or maintain their weight.

Here are some of the biggest symptoms of a slow metabolism. If you experience any of these, be sure to visit your doctor to get your thyroid tested. In the meantime, be sure to check out the 55 Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism.

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1.You’ve Gained Weight

The biggest sign of a slow metabolism is unexplained weight gain. If you’ve been eating well and exercising and still packing on the pounds, it could be your metabolism.

2.You Have Difficulty Losing Weight

Not only can a slow metabolism make you gain weight, but it can also make it super difficult to lose weight even if you’ve been dieting and exercising extremely diligently.

3.You’re Always Tired

With your body burning energy at a slower rate, this will cause you to feel fatigued more frequently.

4.You Have Dry Skin

When your metabolism is slow, your cells aren’t as active as they should be, which means they aren’t getting the proper blood supply. This can impact your skin, leaving it feeling dry and cracked.

5.You Get Frequent Headaches

When your thyroid hormones are out of whack, which happens with an underactive thyroid, this can trigger headaches or even migranes.

6.You Keep Forgetting Things

Too little thyroid hormone, which regulates your metabolism, can cause a poor memory and make you forgetful.

7.You’re Losing Your Hair

The same processes that impact your skin also affect your hair. A slow metabolism can impact your hair’s ability to grow and regenerate.

8.You’re Always Cold

Being cold all the time is a symptom of hypothyroidism, which also slows down your metabolism. If you’re cold all the time, odds are your thyroid isn’t as active as it should be—and neither is your metabolism.

9.You’ve Lost Your Sex Drive

Low levels of thyroid hormone could mean low levels of sex hormones like testosterone, which may impact your ability to get in the mood.

10.You’re Feeling Depressed

Since hypothyroidism slows down processes in your body, it’s no surprise your mood can take a hit, too. Depression has been linked to a slow thyroid, and therefore a slow metabolism.

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