How 15 Minutes of Sweat Can Change Your Life

How 15 Minutes of Sweat Can Change Your Life

Have you ever started an exercise program and within the first few weeks ran out of enthusiasm and steam? Um, hello! The majority of us have been there, whether we were first-time exercisers or seasoned veterans.

After working in the fitness industry for 25 years, here’s my little uncovered secret. People don’t fail in a fitness plan because they lack desire or are lazy, rather people fail because they suffer from a four-word disease: “too much, too soon.”

Simply put, you can’t cheat the body to get to a goal that requires a certain amount of volume and intensity. If you do, your body has innate ways of bringing you to a halt — cue the line of injury, illness, extreme tiredness, lack of motivation, and all other excuses!

Go 15

So, here’s what I’m proposing: Go 15.

Start with 15 minutes a day of exercise. Any exercise. Something you love. Do something that gets you out and about and sweating on purpose. By doing so you’ll change your day, improve your mood, and make actual your awesome potential.

Start easy. Make gains in strength, endurance, mobility, and even confidence.

Go small but sure. Walk away from a workout wanting to come back. This doesn’t mean that you won’t increase the difficulty each week, it just means that you won’t feel it when you do.

Want a team of people cheering you on daily? Join the Sweat Once a Day Challengeto keep you motivated and inspired to keep going.

Need more compelling reasons to get started? Take the plunge here with these workout ideas.

Workout 1: Build a better booty

Perform the following 3 exercises back-to-back as directed. Set your countdown timer to 15 minutes and go.

1. Traveling Hipster: For 1 minute

2. Around the World Lunges: For 1 minute, alternating 3 on the left side and 3 on the right.

3. Frogger Stands: For 1 minute

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until the timer is up!

Workout 2: The 30-20-10 run

1. Warm up with an easy 1/2-mile brisk walk or easy run.

2. Jog easy for 30 seconds, pick up the pace for 20 seconds, and then pick it up to a fast run for 10 seconds — hence the 30-20-10. Immediately repeat this cycle 4 more times, producing one continuous 5-minute repeat.

3. Walk or jog for 2 minutes. Then repeat the second step 2 more times.

Workout 3: The chisel house of abs

1. Plank Pushup Cross: For 1 minute, alternating between which arm leads.

2. Steam Engines: For 30 seconds, standing tall and keeping your elbows back.

3. Ab Rotation & Reach: For 1 minute. You can modify this by putting your heels on the ground.

4. Perform all 3 exercises back-to-back as directed. Repeat 3 times.

Angie is a fitness go-to for countless gorgeous celebs, a former Division I athlete, and creator of the Road to Awesome, a game-changing online personalized training plan that helps you achieve and exceed your own goals. She’s a mother to two amazing children, who knows how to quickly put together a plant-based meal, and often does it while doing burpees. She loves leading others through the process of training and instilling the belief that nothing is impossible. Nothing.

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