18 Ways to Get Motivated for Morning Workouts

18 Ways to Get Motivated for Morning Workouts

Forget the snooze button; it’s time to wake up and get your sweat on! Multiple studies have shown that morning workouts can lead to eating better, feeling more awake, and having an overall healthier day. But let’s face it—working out isn’t always the easiest task to take on, especially when you have to peel your eyes open and be up before the sun. So, how do you change that? There are some painless ways to trick yourself into making an A.M. routine easier; check ’em out below and then get to work on these 7 Best Ab Exercises for Women!


Whether you’re going for a run, hopping on the bike, or pumping some iron, a workout playlist is always a must! Studies have shown that energizing music can heighten your performance and keep your energy up. Choose a music genre that will make you forget what time it is and boost those exercise endorphins.


Drinking a black coffee first thing is a great way to start your healthy routine. Instead of taking any unnatural pre-workout supplements filled with ingredients that no one can pronounce, coffee is a simple, healthful option. Make it the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight; in the morning, drop in a few ice cubes. Not only will coffee boost your energy, it also speeds up metabolism and helps aid fat loss. This is a cold brew that is sure to wake you up!


When the alarm is going off and you have to drag yourself out of bed, there’s only one thing to do before crawling back in bed—splash your face with cold water. This is an automatic wake up that will get you started and ready for the day.


Everything is more fun when you have a friend to do it with! Find someone to go on runs with, carpool to the gym with, and talk about your progression. It’s easier to have a friend helping you become fit by encouraging each other to keep going—especially on those days that you just feel like saying no. Buddying up and getting social is also one of the overall Best Ways to Be Happier in Life!


Forget the excuse that you don’t have enough time in the morning! Set out what you’re going to wear for your workout the night before (and to work!) and save yourself from all the fuss. Rather than wasting time rummaging through your closet, having an outfit laid out will make it easier to get dressed and go.

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If you’re the type of person who knows they can’t start a workout without some fuel in them (because then all you’ll think about is food), make a small snack that will satisfy any cravings. This way, you can actually focus on your workout and it will leave you in less of a starvation mode so that you can control your post-workout appetite! And make sure to keep away from these 20 Worst “Healthy” Cereals.


Drink water before you go to bed, when you wake up, and during your workout. Water will keep you hydrated and energized to get you along. Eight 8-ounces glasses are recommended each day; but if you’re getting a good sweat on, that means to eventually drink more!


Getting yourself to sleep is a major part of the success of your morning workout. You’ll feel a big difference between getting eight hours as opposed to only five or six. Try to keep to going to bed at the same time each night and limiting the number of distractions (like your phone or TV) going on around you.


Set your alarm clock (or phone) so it’s away from your bed; this way, so when it goes off, you have no other option but to get up and turn off the alarm. Instead of going back to bed, stretch your body and start your morning routine. Tip: change the tone of your alarm clock to some music that’ll pump you up to get your energy going right off the bat!


If you’re not used to getting up early in the morning for a workout, start slow and go for light jogs or some movement on the elliptical. Get your body used to moving that early so that it starts to feel like you’ve always been doing it. Eventually, you’ll start feeling more awake and ready to challenge yourself. Just like there are lots of Bad Habits That Make You Fatter Over Time there are good habits that make you thin over time!


Instead of sticking to the same routine each day, set up something new to do a few times a week. You can start looking forward to trying out these new workouts—and maybe even find what fits you best and that you can’t wait to wake up and do!


Make a post-workout breakfast that makes the sweat all worth it! Go for something full of nutrients like avocado on Ezekiel toast, a veggie omelet, or a morning smoothie. Avoid a breakfast high in sugar and simple carbs (i.e. cereal), and stick to ones with a good protein intake and healthy fat (eggs and avocado or oatmeal and chia seeds).


If you start going to the same studio or gym, find a familiar face that you see often. You can catch up on what’s going on and look forward to hearing what’s new the next time you seem them.


Keep reminding yourself how good you’re going to feel after and how amazing your body will look if you keep it up. You are your best motivation! If you need some A-list inspo, how about finding out The 7 Ways Goldie Hawn Stays Slim at 70?


During your workout, keep your mind on what you’re doing and not what you have going on the rest of the day. And when you’re not in workout mode, think about all the amazing benefits that are going to come out of creating a morning workout routine. This could lead to you eating cleaner, feeling more awake, and living an overall healthier lifestyle.


There are some days you’re going to wake up more tired than other days—and that’s okay. Take a day off, if and when you need it. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to injuries, stress, and exhaustion. It’s worth it to listen to yourself and your body’s needs!


Make a calendar of where you want to be in the next few weeks, months, and years. Not just for your goal weight, but your entire life. Make small changes that turn into big ones as the time goes on. Keep track of it and on the days that you feel down, show yourself how far you’ve come and what amazing things you can accomplish!


If you’ve been consistently waking up each morning and reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself, you deserve a reward for all the hard work! Buy a new workout top or tickets to a band you’ve been anxious to go see. And if you are eating healthier too—we think you will be!—then make sure you follow these 20 Cheat Meal Tips for Weight Loss Success!

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