9 Treadmills That Are Worth the Investment, According to Running Coaches

Treadmills aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some find them too bulky for small spaces, and others complain of the monotony of running in place, but the best treadmills do have a lot of perks. They can help you mix up your running workouts and give you a solid indoor option when you’re feeling hesitant to run outside (either because of social distancing, or weather conditions). Bringing the run indoors “eliminates the need to modify your workouts,” says Jes Woods, a Nike+ running coach.

And since gyms across the country will be closed for the foreseeable future, now is an ideal time to invest in a treadmill, if you’re able to. “By having it at home you have the freedom to train at any time, continue doing something you enjoy, and get your miles in without going outside,” Adrian Richardson, the head coach for Fitbit, tells SELF.

But it all depends on how will you use it, and where it will go. “If you’re new to running and are looking at getting a treadmill make sure that it doesn’t become a very expensive coat rack (meaning be honest with yourself on how much you expect to use it),” he says. Setting a schedule, or joining a running program, can help you stick to it. “This will help you develop the habit of running on a treadmill and give you an opportunity to discover different types of training to help you reach your goals.”

Treadmills are rarely cheap, and, truth be told, not all of them are created equal. Tracksmith coach Louis Serafini, says that runners can still find a worthwhile product that aligns with their fitness needs, though, if they consider their priorities. As a baseline, make sure whichever treadmill you choose provides enough room to move freely while you run, and then think about which additional features are important to you.

“A lot of treadmills do a lot of fancy things, but if you focus on some of their most important aspects—including speed, incline, space-saving abilities, and ease of functionality—you’ll be able to find a great product without breaking the bank,” he says. To hear more about what to look for and which models are the best for the money, we chatted up a few running coaches to find out which treadmills they recommend for the most effective indoor runs.

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