The 16 Best New Sports Bras of 2019

The right sports bra can be a game changer for your workouts—and the wrong sports bra can be workout ruining. If you’re not feeling supported or secure, or your bra is dropping too low and revealing too much, it’s almost impossible to focus on the exercises you’re doing. What’s more, if you’ve ever run or jumped in a lousy sports bra, you know it can be downright painful.

Long story short: We take our sports bras seriously. So for this year’s awards we asked 24 editors, trainers, and fitness influencers to test more than 50 sports bras in a wide range of sizes and styles. They ran, danced, jumped, lifted, cycled, practiced yoga, and wore these bras out and about before sending us their completely candid opinions. From there, we narrowed the list to our top 16 choices for best sports bras, divided up by activity intensity level and cup size. You’ll notice that when it came to larger cup sizes, we actually selected multiple winners for best sports bra in a few of the categories. That’s because the reviews were a bit all over the map—our testers had very strong feelings—and we also recognize that finding a sports bra in a larger cup size is both highly personal and no easy task, so we wanted to be as helpful as possible. We feel confident that you’ll be able to find at least one (and hopefully more than one!) bra on this list that suits your needs and fits your style. We think working out in a bra that doesn’t pinch or squish or chafe is a necessity, not a luxury, and all of these winning bras more than surpassed that expectation.

1. Best Low-Impact Sports Bra for A/B Cups: All Access Front Row Bra

We’re betting this classic sports bra will quickly become a go-to in your workout wardrobe. It’s smooth, supportive, and comes in a wide variety of colors so it’s easy to throw into your regular rotation.

One reviewer says: “This bra is very Spandex-y but fits really comfortably. I’ve actually been wearing this bra a ton, because it’s really comfortable and feels secure without feeling constricting. The fabric feels thick, high-quality, and lays softly against my skin. I like that the racerback design turns into a T-strap at the back, which makes it’s a little different than every other racerback bra. It’s also nice and easy to put on and take off, which is huge in my book!” (Size tested: small; typically wears size: 34A)

Sizes: XS–XXL

Buy it: $75,

2. Best Low-Impact Sports Bra for C/D Cups: Girlfriend Collective Juliet Bralette

Made from recycled fishing nets, this Girlfriend Collective bra might become your new favorite for yoga or Pilates. Having said that, our reviewers also noted this was definitely cute enough to wear as a top, so we’d also encourage pairing it with your favorite high-waisted jeans and a jacket for an easy on-the-go look, if that’s your thing.

One reviewer says: “The fabric feels very luxe, buttery soft, and well made—definitely something that I would expect to stand the test of time. It’s very easy to get on and off, with no discomfort while putting it on. I felt very comfortable and supported. It is extremely cute, and I’ve worn it twice as a top. It is my new favorite, and I want it in every color!” (Size tested: XXL; typically wears size: 40C)

Sizes: XS–XXXL

Buy it: $48,

3. Best Low-Impact Sports Bra for D/DD Cups: Enell Lite Low Impact Bra

If you have a higher cup size, you likely already know about this brand. Enell is known for making super-secure sports bras in a variety of sizes (their bras come in bust sizes 32 to 60 inches and rib cage sizes 27 to 53 inches). But it’s not just the sizing that gets them on this list: These bras work. This bra offers lighter support, so it’s perfect for yoga, cycling, or even running errands.

One reviewer says: “This bra has a fantastic fabric and fit! It’s a creamy fabric and washed well. While it wasn’t the easiest to get on (tons of clips in the front), it felt great once I was fully in. No pitching—and I could wear it all day without it bothering my shoulders. Plus, the cut prevented uni-boob (big win!), but I don’t think I’d wear it without a top layer because it looks too much like a hard-core brassiere. It’s a great option for larger chests, though it feels like this might be too much for an A/B cup.” (Size tested: 1; typically wears size: 32DD)

Sizes: Enell sizing 00–8, which fits bust sizes from 32″–60″

Buy it: From $52,

4. Best Low-Impact Sports Bra for DD+ Cups: Torrid Black Coated Strappy Back Sports Bra

Don’t be fooled by the coated, faux-leather look—this bra still has sweat-wicking capabilities that will make it a dream to wear throughout your workout. But our reviewers loved the look of this item so much, we’d encourage you to wear it out after class, too.

One reviewer says: “This bra was easy to get on and it really didn’t shift around that much. Usually these sports bras roll up on me in the front, but this one stayed in place! I felt very secure throughout my workout, and the girls were perfectly in place. The fabric has a shiny finish: Think faux leather and very Matrix feeling. Paired with the strappy details in the back, this bra stands out a lot. It’s very fashion forward and definitively designed to be seen—motivation to take my top off in class! I got so many compliments. It just looks so unusually badass!” (Torrid size tested: 3; typically wears size: 46DDD)

Sizes: Torrid sizing 0–5, which fits sizes L–5X

Buy it: $27,

5. Best Low-Impact Crop Top Sports Bra: Superfit Hero Sport Crop Bra

This crop top is perfect for yoga, Pilates, barre, cycling—or anywhere else that you just want to wear a bra without a tank. The flatlock seams mean you don’t have to worry about chafing in weird places, while the high neckline makes it perfect if you want more coverage on top. Even better: The sizing options for this bra range from S to 5X.

One reviewer says: “The fabric on this top is supersoft and comfortable, and it’s holding up great after several washes (I’ve been air drying it). It’s easy enough to get on and off, and the band around rib cage is snug. Plus: There’s no need to wear a tank top over it—it looks great on its own!” (Size tested: small; typically wears size: 34B)

Sizes: S–5X

Buy it: $55,

6. Best Medium-Impact Sports Bra for A/B Cups: Asics Printed Train Bra

A wide band at the base of this bra is designed to help eliminate chafing and help remove some of the pressure from your shoulders. Our reviewers loved the print on this bra and the criss-crossed back, which made them feel totally secure.

One reviewer says: “The fabric quality is nice and doesn’t feel cheap at all. I also think the design is really cute and can be worn alone for sure. It held up nicely after washing and was easy to get on. Getting it off, however, was on the easier side of the sports bra spectrum, but still not super easy. Luckily, there was no chafing, scratching, squeezing, or pinching. The bra was super comfortable and held me in. Nothing but love for this garment!” (Size tested: XL; typically wears size: 38D)

Sizes: XS–XL

Buy it: $50,

7. Best Medium-Impact Sports Bra for C/D Cups: Athleta Run Free Bra in Supersonic

This bra from Athleta is perfect for weight lifting sessions, cycling, and even your favorite boot camp class. It made the list first and foremost because of its sweat-wicking fabric and snug-but-not-tight compression, but it’s also worth noting that our reviewers raved about the asymmetrical back on this bra, which made it cute enough to wear without a tank top. It’s also designed with wider pockets, so it’s easy to use with any of their mastectomy inserts.

One reviewer says: “The fabric feels very luxe on this bra. It’s smooth against my skin and super quick drying. It’s a higher cut, which is great because it feels super supportive, but there’s still a cute mismatched strappy detailing in the back that I love. One note: The compression is pretty tight on this bra, so it’s not something I would keep on all day as I’d imagine it would create some pain in the straps/shoulders but for one or two workouts, YES!” (Size tested: medium; typically wears size: 34C)

Sizes: XS–XL

Buy it: $40,

8. Best Medium-Impact Sports Bra for D/DD Cups: Spanx Medium Impact Sports Bra

Spanx is already synonymous with shapewear, so is it really a big surprise that these new sports bras would end up on our list? What really surprised reviewers was the fact that this bra is made without any hardware, adjustable straps, or velcro—which might make you think the fit could be tricky—but instead, the bra slid on easily and didn’t rub in any weird spots. We’d also like to point out the bra is chlorine- and saltwater-resistant, so yup, you could wear this as a bathing suit top as well.

One reviewer says: “The fabric definitely feels more high-end than most sports bras. It looks super basic at first (no adjustable straps, no molded cups, no underwire, etc.), so I assumed there was no way this would be structured enough for DD boobs during a workout—but it does a great job of compression without being uncomfortable. When I first put it on it almost felt like TOO much compression, but as soon as I started moving around I noticed that it was holding everything together nicely without actually feeling too tight. It didn’t feel like it was digging in or suffocating me, but it definitely held everything in place during a HIIT workout. I also appreciated the fact that this was supportive enough for a medium-impact workout with no added zippers, hooks, adjustable straps to dig in or pinch!” (Size tested: large; typically wears size: 36D)

Sizes: XS–2X

Buy it: $58,

9. Best Medium-Impact Sports Bra for DD+ Cups: Figleaves Jessica Underwire Sports Bra

This bra from Figleaves wins for its breathable fabric, flexible underwire, and wide straps. Our reviewers also pointed out how happy they were that this bra was available in more than just black, something they noted was often a rarity in larger cup sizes (this one goes up to size 38GG).

One reviewer says: “I looked up this bra and it costs $36, which is cheap for a larger-sized underwire bra! But it doesn’t feel cheap. The fabric itself is relatively light and soft, with a thin bit of elastic at the bottom of the band. It has three clasps and wide, soft straps, which is always a good thing for larger busts. It has a varied texture in the front and a ventilated panel that makes it look like a pullover/non-underwire bra, which I appreciate. I generally prefer that look, but also like having the support of the underwire so this bra is a great way to have the best of both worlds. Also, the straps were super comfy without being overly or oddly padded! I felt more secure than I thought I would without padded structured cups! Overall it feels like a solid, no-frills sports bra with enough support for medium-intensity activities.” (Size tested: 36E; typically wears the same size)

Sizes: 30D–38GG

Buy it: $36,

10. Best Medium-Impact Sports Bra for DD+ Cups: ELOMI Energise Underwire Sports Bra

This bra features seamed cups and a wired construction—so there’s no risk of a “uniboob” while working out. It’s designed to separate and lift, so you feel supported even as you’re cycling or sweating through the last reps of your CrossFit workout. The straps on this bra also feature a separate hook for a “multi-way” design, so you can turn this bra into a racerback style if desired. This bra also has slightly broader sizing than the other Medium-Impact DD+ winner, going up to 44GG.

One reviewer says: “In addition to working out in it, I actually wore this bra all day just as my regular bra. It’s super comfortable, and I like it a lot. The straps are a little thin, but despite that it’s super comfy and supportive and I will definitely wear it again for lighter activities.” (Size tested: 40E; typically wears the same size)

Sizes: 34HH–46DD/44GG

Buy it: From $27,

11. Best High-Impact Sports Bra for A/B Cups: GapFit Sculpt Revolution High Support Sports Bra

Made for running, dance cardio, and your toughest treadmill class, this high-necked sports bra is perfect for wearing without a shirt. The bra also comes in a number of colors, and the price point can’t be beat.

One reviewer says: “This bra feels sturdy. The fabric didn’t rub weird or anything, and I was comfortable my whole run. It’s a nice bra and has a heavy-duty hook-and-eye closure—which is great—and I felt fine running in it.” (Size tested: small; typically wears size: 34A)

Sizes: XS–XL

Buy it: $25,

12. Best High-Impact Sports Bra for C/D Cups: Marks + Spencer High-Impact Smoothlines Sports Bra

Don’t let the open back on this bra fool you: It’s definitely made for high-impact activities like jumps or sprints. The fabric is bonded, so there are no seams to rub or chafe, and our reviewers liked that the neckline was a bit higher and not revealing.

One reviewer says: “This fabric definitely feels luxe and well seamed. The bra fit SUPER well, plus it absorbed and wicked sweat evenly. I had no chafing, no rubbing, no tugging, no poking, no itching, or anything that was irritating! I really felt like I wasn’t wearing a bra at all, but it still did its job. The best part is that it was SOOOO easy to get off. One catch: I would not qualify this as cute, but to be honest, I liked the fit and function so much, I don’t even care. I had no bouncing and definitely felt great on two separate runs. Great for high impact!” (Size tested: 34C; typically wears the same size)

Sizes: 32AA–40D

Buy it: $43,

13. Best High-Impact Sports Bra for D/DD Cups: Good American The Core Power Sports Bra

This is the second year Good American has landed on our awards list. Reviewers loved the longline design and thick waistband paired with the open T-back design. Best of all, it provided great support during every activity.

One reviewer says: “The quality of the sports bra was perfect! The fabric was extremely soft and smooth, but still thick enough to allow for adequate support. The backing of the bra is a mesh material which was great for breathability. I was a bit squeezed into the bra, but that helped me feel more supported. It was very comfortable, and I will wear it again! Also, the design of the bra was definitely cute. I could see myself wearing it with a tank top. The mesh back made it look and feel smooth.” (Good American size tested: 6; typically wears size: 44DD)

Sizes: Good American sizing: 0–7, which fits sizes XS–4XL

Buy it: $65,

14. Best High-Impact Sports Bra for D/DD Cups: Runderwear Easy-On Support Bra

This bra is made specifically for larger busts (it doesn’t come in a cup size smaller than D), so it’s definitely been engineered with you in mind. There are two hook-and-eye closures at the back, which our reviewers loved because it took some of the pressure off a single strap and evenly distributed it over two straps.

One reviewer says: “The fabric is supersoft and not too thick. I appreciate how supportive the cups are without being stiff—they really hold you in place without dictating the way your boobs should exist, lol. I’m also a big fan of the cushiony and thick straps! The electric blue on this black bra is a nice touch—as a health goth I would also appreciate a basic white or all-black look. If this was a crop top, I’d wear it alone for sure. I genuinely did feel secure without feeling too compressed! I find that when sports bras like this are made for larger breast sizes, they’re usually really hit-or-miss when it comes to the actual sizing. So the fact that I fit in this comfortably and securely enough is actually huge deal for me!” (Size tested: 36E; typically wears the same size)

Sizes: 28D–40H

Buy it: $70,

15. Best High-Impact Sports Bra for DD+ Cups: ENELL Sport High Impact Bra

If you’re above a C-cup, this bra is for you. We know the style can be a bit polarizing (all those hooks!?), but once it’s on, we promise your running workouts will never be the same. Reviewers raved that it’s secure, supportive, and didn’t rub or leave weird marks once the workout was finished.

One reviewer says: “This product runs pretty true to size, but it’s very important that you choose the right bra according to your rib measurements, otherwise it may fit too tightly. The fabric is a bit silky but more durable than fragile. I liked that although there’s no underwire in the bra I still felt extremely secure. Although it doesn’t look the cutest, it definitely gets the job done when it comes to holding the twins in place, and I have an extremely large bust.” (Enell size tested: 3; typically wears size: 34I)

Sizes: Enell sizing 00–8, which fits bust sizes 32″–60″

Buy it: From $43,

16. Best High-Impact Sports Bra for DD+ Cups: SHEFIT The Flex Sports Bra

Like the Enell bra, this one from SHEFIT is specifically designed for large cup sizes. The difference here? There’s plenty of room for adjustment. Of course, it’s still important for you to pick the right size, but this bra comes with adjustable shoulder straps and ribcage band, so you can get the fit just right. Bonus: It comes in six colors, so there’s no reason not to have more than one in your wardrobe.

One reviewer says: “I love that this bra is completely adjustable, so it’s always the right size! The fabric feels durable, yet soft. It definitely can stand the test of time, but didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all while I was wearing it. The one I tested came in a graphic print, which was kind of cute, but not really cute enough to wear without a shirt. The girls were totally secure! This bra is awesome. I wear a 34I/34GG and my boobs stayed put (without side or front spillage) throughout the entire duration of a high-intensity workout class. I could jump and do burpees without worrying that my breasts would bounce all over the place.” (SHEFIT Size tested: 1Luxe; typically wears size: 34I)

Sizes: SHEFIT sizing XS–6Luxe, which fits 30A–48I

Buy it: $69,

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