The Best Skiing and Snowboarding Gear of 2018

There are those who love the great outdoors and those who hate it, but I’d wager to guess that a good chunk of the latter just haven’t found the right gear yet. That’s especially true when it comes to mountain sports. A good base layer or weatherproof outerwear while skiing or snowboarding can protect you from the elements so you can enjoy whatever you’re doing: features like high-performing fabrics keep you warm but not sweaty, zippers and buttons quickly secure you against the cold, and strategic pockets store everything you need in a convenient place.

To find out which gear is actually worth your money, we recruited a handful of our biggest outdoors enthusiasts on staff to put the latest crop of skiing and snowboarding gear to the test. The result: these 11 SELF Fitness Awards 2018 winners, all released in October 2017 or later, that would convert even the staunchest hygge enthusiast to snow sport aficionado. From ski pants to goggles to boots, read on to see why we loved each one so much, and why we think you will too.

1. Kari Traa Tikse Long Sleeve, $75

Good for: Wearing on the slopes all the way to après-ski

The details: This slim-fitting baselayer is made from merino wool, which is naturally moisture-wicking, insulating yet breathable, and odor-resistant. That means you can throw on the same shirt every day of a weekend ski trip and be confident that you’ll stay dry and stink-free.

Why we love it: “This one strikes the balance for me between being fit for performance—fitted, but not too tight, long enough to tuck in securely—and also being cute enough to rock it after taking off my snowboard gear.” —Amanda Schupak, deputy editor

Sizes: S–XL

Buy it:, $75

2. Dakine Brentwood Jacket, $260

Good for: Protection from the cold without the bulk

The details: This insulated snowboarding jacket has a streetwear-inspired silhouette that’s slimmer and longer for a stylish fit.

Why we love it: “This is a great jacket for skiing/snowboarding! It’s fairly light and cozy on the inside with its fleece lining and faux fur hood. I also didn’t feel restricted by the material, which is clutch on the mountain. The inside, sooo soft. Also, so many pockets!” —Kenny Thapoung, associate director of audience development and distribution

Sizes: XS–XL

Buy it:, $260

3. Canada Goose HyBridge Base Jacket, $675

Good for: Lightweight insulation when you’re on the go

The details: Those who live in cold, snowy climates know that Canada Goose jackets deliver. The Hybridge technology in this base jacket is no different: It’s breathable, flexible, and designed to keep you warm in temperatures as low as 5 degrees. With its sleek looks and water-resistant fabric, expect to use it during a winter hike or just during a snowy commute.

Why we love it: “Every winter I search for a jacket that is lightweight but also warm and I hadn’t found it until now. When I first looked at this jacket I didn’t expect it to be so warm and comfortable. The down fill material also helped so that I didn’t get too stuffy and sweaty after wearing it for a while. Plus, it has a hood that stores into the collar in case I need it for rain or snow.” —Cheryl Carlin, senior analytics manager

Sizes: 2XS–XL

Buy it:, $675

4. Addition Elle Packable Down Coat, $149

Good for: A subtle cold-weather fashion statement

The details: This down-insulated coat from Addition Elle is available in sizes 12–24 and has a nondetachable hood, zippered pockets, and adjustable sleeves. It also comes in an iridescent taupe version.

Why we love it: “This coat is super smooth and comfortable, and is warm without making me sweat like crazy. It compacts down into a tiny ball and even comes with a little carrying bag so you can cinch it closed. It’s great for travel and the shiny rose gold color is statement-making without being loud. It also has a flattering shape and tucks in at the waist a bit, and doesn’t make me look as puffy as some other down coats.” —Chloe Effron, Snapchat Discover channel designer

Sizes: X–4X (12–24)

Buy it:, $149

5. Salomon Four Seven Sigma, $119

Good for: Seeing clearly on the mountain

The details: These goggles were designed to help you see everything as you ride down the slopes. From the large goggle design (with minimal frame that won’t get in the way) to technology that amplifies contrasts for better visibility, these goggles will help keep you safe.

Our reviewer says: “These were perfectly comfortable and fit nicely with a Smith helmet—didn’t seem to gap.” —Amanda Schupak, deputy editor

Buy it:, $119

6. LL Bean Heavyweight Base Layer Pant, $54

Good for: An extra layer of warmth when you need it.

The details: These heavyweight LL Bean baselayer leggings provide a layer of sweat-wicking, odor-resistant warmth for cold days. Wear them under your ski pants to stay toasty on the mountain.

Why we love it: “They had the feeling of thin comfy sweats, which I liked a lot. I like the idea that it would hold my top in place if I tucked it in, and add some extra tummy warmth/coverage.” —Amanda Schupak, deputy editor

Sizes: XS–XL

Buy it:, $54

7. FITS Medium Ski OTC Sock, $26

Good for: Extra cushioning while you ski

The details: These midweight ski socks are made from merino wool, hit over the calf, and feature cushioning at the calf and foot for those who need a bit more support in their boots.

Why we love it: “These socks were great. They had a cute design and fit over my overly large calves. They were really warm and had great cushioning.” —Cheryl Carlin, senior analytics manager

Sizes: S–XXL

Buy it:, $26

8. Lands’ End Women’s Squall Snow Boots, $119

Good for: Dodging city snow piles during your commute

The details: Featuring faux-fur trim, a cozy microfleece inner lining, and a waterproof toe shell, these Lands’ End boots are ready for your next winter adventure, whether it’s on the mountain or in the city.

Why we love it: “The inside wool-like material was very plush and warm, and kept my feet incredibly warm when I tested them. I also liked how high the boots were, since you need a higher boot in the winter. It was easy to slip my feet into and tie to however tight I needed.” —Cheryl Carlin, senior analytics manager

Sizes: 6–11

Buy it:, $119

9. Layd Beanie, $39

Good for: Keeping your head warm without ruining your hair

The details: A simple goes-with-anything black beanie that’s lined with silk to combat static and frizz. Genius.

Why we love it: “I think it’s so smart that they lined the inside of the hat with a satin-type material—helps avoid hat hair!” —Tiffany Dodson, assistant market editor

Buy it:, $39

10. Obermeyer Straight Line Pants, $200

Good for: Staying active on the mountain

The details: These straight-leg ski pants are made of a thinner material that moves with you as you ride. Weatherproofing details, like sealed seams and powder cuffs, ensure you stay warm and dry.

Why we love it: “I’m a snowboarder, but a lot of snowboarding pants are baggier, less structured than I like. These Obermeyer pants have a fitted, sleek style that I was a big fan of. The material was also very flexible and stretchy, and that’s a huge bonus for me considering I’m going back and forth all day from sitting on my butt, strapping in my feet, to standing when I’m on the mountain. The material did feel thinner than some of my other favorite snow pants from over the years, but they have a nice fleece lining that I think, paired with a good thermal base layer, will be plenty to stay warm.” —Jacqueline Andriakos, deputy health features editor

Sizes: 4–14

Buy it:, $200

11. Salomon Sight Helmet, $147

Good for: Snowboarders who want a lightweight, stay-cool helmet

The details: This streamlined, lightweight helmet has a internal air venting system and fast-drying fabric to keep you cool and comfortable during even your most heart-pounding rides.

Why we love it: “So warm. Usually I wear ear muffs while skiing, but I think this helmet would negate the need for those.” —Kenny Thapoung, associate director of audience development and distribution

Sizes: S–L

Buy it:, $147

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